Our goal is to satisfy and make the perfect bond with our customers while trying our new products. We provide full refund or exchange for all item(s) you didn’t use or open provided the return is within 15 days the return is within 30 days. Delete the highlighted and replace with the following * All returns exclude shipping cost. We may require that you ship back the items before a refund will be issued. To initiate a refund, email us your concerns with a copy of your receipt for the purchase you want to return.

After 15 days of purchase, if items are not returned, the sale/s are considered final and ineligible for a refund.

We trust in the quality of our products and their efficacy. Our products are formulated with premium ingredients, each designed for a specific or more skincare needs. Hence, if you have any questions or issues with any of our products do not hesitate to contact us. We will make sure you get the best service as we desire to satisfy your skincare needs. We have the following options in place to ensure that you are satisfied. Items refund, exchange, coupons, and credit. Provided they are made within 15 days

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